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Loving Yourself This Valentine’s Day

This weekend will be Valentine’s Day, and many couples are looking forward to an evening to celebrate romance. Young families will send off their children with treats to exchange with classmates at school. Many singles are teaming up with friends to enjoy the holiday as a group, while others are planning to boycott the day entirely. Candy? Red hearts? Pink? No thanks, I’ll take my coffee black, like my soul.

Regardless of your relationship status this week, take time for self love and self care. No innuendo here, just a reminder that you can’t love anyone else fully until you love yourself. Confidence and self esteem are attractive to friends, family, lovers, potential lovers, co-workers, bosses…you get the idea. But even if no one else notices, loving yourself will increase your quality of life.

Here are some ideas of things to do solo this week:

  • Go see a movie by yourself

Or watch Netflix, rent a movie, or binge watch an all day Lifetime movie marathon. Whatever your style, enjoy taking in  a film without outside influence. How do you react when no one else is around?

  • Develop some positive affirmations

Some people find affirmations completely silly (I generally do), but they are recommended for a reason. Maybe you have trouble finding love elsewhere and need to discover it in yourself.

  • Spend time alone…quietly

If I had said “meditate” immediately you would have skipped over this bullet point, wouldn’t you? If meditating isn’t your thing (although it should be), learn to spend some quiet time, alone, without any form of entertainment. No books, no computer, no T.V., no cooking, just you and your thoughts. Scary, right? Find out what thoughts are begging to surface.

  • Start a new fitness routine

What is this, New Year’s? No, but exercise is a stress-reducing activity that is undeniably good for both your physical and mental health. You deserve it.

  • Google an intricate meal to make yourself on Friday

Wish you were going out this Valentine’s Day? Save money and discover new skills by cooking yourself a five-star meal. Even if you are in a relationship, your partner may appreciate a mid-week surprise gourmet meal.

  • Take a selfie

Trying to figure out what the image in this post has to do with the text? Do you hate selfies and consider them self-indulgent, vain, and various other negative adjectives? Well, apparently you shouldn’t. Some therapists are beginning to look into the idea that selfies increase self esteem in people with body image issues.

What do you plan to do to love yourself this week?

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