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[Guest Post] The Best Way To Exude Confidence

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I recently went out to dinner with a dear friend.

She was dressed to the nines and oozing sex appeal. She was wearing a cut out style crop top with a high waisted knee length skirt. A delicate mix between racy and classy.
It was agreed, if she was going to meet her future husband it had to be in that outfit. Stunning! Except, she didn’t totally believe the compliments (some from random strangers). My friend was lucky though, she had a confidence switch that she turned on when needed. She was out of her comfort zone but she knew in order to totally pull off her daring outfit, she needed to embody the strut. Or “swagger” I believe it now is.
People will focus what you focus on.
Because my friend focussed on the confidence, so did everyone else and they were singing praises in her name. She ended up leaving us all wishing that we had the guts to rock an outfit like hers. An outfit that she was originally incredibly nervous in.
If you don’t feel comfortable and over-adjust your outfit or stand/walk around with hunched shoulders and head down, people will notice that. If you feel like the dress you’re wearing makes your butt look big (which is now a good thing) but you’re not proud of it, no one else will be either. If you have a teeny tiny pimple that has popped up and you’re touching and being self conscious about it, you’re advertising it!
We are walking advertising campaigns for ourselves.
How we package ourselves is how we sell ourselves to friends, family, employers and future significant others. But most importantly, how you think and feel on the inside is inevitably going to protrude. We’ve all heard the saying that beauty comes from within. Do you want to radiate uneasiness or boldness? 
Regardless of what we are actually wearing, we are also clothing ourselves in our inner chatter.
My dear friend didn’t meet her future husband that night be she did end up having one of the best nights out. The confidence that she was faking evolved into real confidence. Instead of spending the night feeling awkward in her clothes, she threw away her inhibitions and just enjoyed the night.
Isn’t that what really matters in the end? Just enjoy now. Focus on that.

About Kaila

KailaI am 24, married to the love of my life and from Australia!

I have a slight obsession with makeup and fashion, which means I have a serious love/hate relationship with my bank account (and husband at times). 
And, I am a proud mummy of one fur baby. My psycho cat, Gemima.
My writing comes from my heart and my faith, so my work usually reads a lot like a personal diary entry to myself. Anxiety is something that consumes me at times. I want to share that is it okay to not feel okay sometimes. We live in such an ugly world with ugly morals and ideals. I want to help bring back our inner beauty. We don’t have to conform like we are expected to. 
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